Pedagogical prize at Jönköping University

The Board of Education and Research Education is announcing a pedagogical prize for individuals/teams that have been especially successful in promoting student learning.

The prize’s overall objective is to promote, recognise and reward:

  • prominent pedagogical efforts,
  • recognised interest and commitment to the development of education,
  • recognised educational skill,
  • recognised learning supportive collaboration between colleagues/students/professional life representatives and/or
  • recognised skill as a pedagogic leader.

Criteria for the pedagogical prize

  • Educational efforts Prize winner must have carried out a multi-year, particularly appreciated and successful act of teaching and thereby, for example:
    • created a positive climate that stimulated the students’ commitment and interest in the subject and in doing so promoted learning,
    • stimulated the students to pursue personal learning, creativity and critical thinking,
    • placed the course and subject in a context understandable to the students,
    • brought the instruction to life and related it to the students’ experiences,
    • given the students constructive feedback on what each of them learned in various situations and what needs to be developed further,
    • renewed and developed educational and examination formats and/or
    • used net-based educational methods in a way that has provided added value to the students’ studies.
  • Development, collaboration and pedagogical leadership Prize winners must have developed and, in instruction, carried out with great success an innovative pedagogical idea, demonstrated results-yielding collaboration between colleagues/students/professional life representatives, or demonstrated clear and appreciated pedagogical leadership, for example by having:
    • realised new ideas for instruction and learning,
    • developed educational methods that provided added value to the students’ studies,
    • developed educational tools that provided added value to the students’ studies,
    • engaged students and colleagues in the development of cases and strategies and accepted joint responsibility for the education,
    • created a positive climate for discussion of pedagogical issues among colleagues,
    • initiated various pedagogical activities for the teachers,
    • supported teachers’ own initiatives to develop the education and/or
    • evaluated and followed up the effect of various pedagogical efforts.

Recognition and prize

  • A prize amount to be used for skills development.
  • Diploma and honourable mention at the Academic celebration.
  • Public lecture and publication of achievement/results as the basis for the prize.


Students and employees may submit nominations.

Content updated 2018-06-05

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