Jönköping University's vision and strategies are based on the university’s strengths – our international profile, our student entrepreneurship, our successful collaboration with companies and public sector organizations – and sharpens these strengths even more.

Jönköping University's joint vision and strategies are decided upon by the Foundation Governing Board. The vision gives the over all direction for the university's development. The planning horizon for the strategies are four years, to be updated and coordinated annually.


To develop internationally competitive knowledge and competence for
future challenges through higher education, commissions and research.


We build an international university in Jönköping. We attract highly qualified, inventive and enterprising people from all around the world. We contribute to sustainable prosperity in the region where we reside, making way for knowledge based innovation and enterprise.

Strategies 2017-2020

The strategies are developed within Jönköping University Executive Team and decided upon the Foundation Governing Board.

During the upcoming four years, we will focus on the following

  • We shall increase student attraction and satisfaction
  • We shall increase international education across the University
  • We shall increase internationally competitive research
  • We shall improve external engagement

To reach these goals, we will concentrate on selected areas and
work with certain enablers.

Guiding values

  • Be professional.
  • Be inventive and enterprising.
  • Be international at heart.
  • Stay curious and continue to learn.

Value propositions

To our students

High academic standard and profound real-world relevance.
An inspiring international study environment on campus.
Excellent career and entrepreneurial opportunities in Sweden and abroad

To our external partners

Educating people with internationally competitive competence for future working life. Collaborating to solve future challenges through research and development. Tailoring academic commissioned education for our partners needs.

To our national and regional policy stakeholders

Together with our partners we put science to work for a competitive Swedish industry and public sector.
We contribute to economic, social and cultural prosperity in the region where we reside.

Key success factors

Engaging people

We attract and retain highly qualifi ed, inventive and enterprising faculty, staff and students from all over the world.

Working together

We collaborate effectively across the organization, driven by a shared vision, guided by joint principles.

Sustainable partnership

We co-create new knowledge and share competence through sustainable partnership with business, public sector and other academic institutions.

Outstanding processes

We achieve competitive results by shared, effective and effi cient processes.

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