Child care and education

If you have children, you should locate a pre-school or school and apply for a place as early as possible. Most childcare centres are run by the municipality, but there are also private day care centres and parent co-operatives.

In Jönköping Municipality, there are several preschools and other schools. Read more on Jönköping Municipality’s website: Children and Educationexternal link, opens in new window

In Sweden, all children are required to start school in August of the year that they turn seven years (first grade). However, the majority of children choose to start school a year earlier and go a voluntary kindergarten programme.

School attendance is compulsory up to the end of the ninth grade. After that the pupils go on to upper secondary school, ”gymnasium”, where they can choose different programmes with an academic or vocational profile. There are several international schools in Sweden which teach in English.

University studies are free for residents of Sweden and EU/EEA citizens.

Content updated 2018-06-12

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