Meet Atieno Dorothy Ansgar from Kenya

I always dreamed of doing my Master’s degree at a globally recognized university that attracts qualified and inventive people from all over the world. Being internationally oriented, I needed a university that could offer high academic standards and real-world relevance, an inspiring environment as well as excellent career competence. Jönköping University met all of my requirements.

Atieno Dorothy Ansgar, student in International Communication.

I want to work within internationally recognised organisations and companies, or as a global cultures communication expert at an embassy or for the government. The programme’s focus on media, global cultures, research and the changing international society has really prepared me for my future career.

Collaborations with universities across the globe have provided me with a global perspective and deeper understanding of Europe and the world, and have also given me the knowledge and the network I need to turn my ideas into concepts. I think it’s great that JU uses the business world as a platform for education and integration, which provides students with an opportunity to get practical experience.

Student life at JU is wonderful! Emphasis is placed on teamwork and participation, which is very helpful for unity, sharing ideas and learning from others. The best thing about my education is the international experience I’ve gained from it, which is something nobody will ever be able to take away from me. JU will always be with me wherever I go.

Atieno Dorothy Ansgar
Student, International Communication
School of Education and Communication

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