Voices of our programmes

"The Pathway Programme is a study experience that comes second to none"

"The entrepreneurial spirit is important"

5 Quick Questions with Pathway Programme student Lisa Ye Shi

An Thuy Nguyen - Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Ana Zamora, Former student, International Communication

Atieno Dorothy, Student, International Communication

Bart, Former Student, International Marketing

Portrait: Carl-Johan Odenhammar

Carl Johan Odehammar, on what the Pathway Programme has to offer

Carl Strömberg, Former Student, International Economics

Daiki Okutani - my thoughts on Pathway

Elina, Student, Strategic Entrepreneurship

Emma, Former Student, Production Development and Management

Ferdinand Padang, Former student, Strategic Entrepreneurship

From Kenya to Jönköping and now an office on Oxford Street, London!

Gemma Black - La Trobe University, Melbourne

Idil Bilgin, Student, Interventions in childhood

Jose Joshy, Student, Industrial Design

Juliana Vinagre - Pathway year student

Kristina, Partner Company, User Experience Design and IT Architecture

Linda, Student, International Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Lysander, Former Student, Strategic Entrepreneurship

Mai Le Thi Ngoc, Former Student, International Marketing

Mario, Student, International Communication

Mark, Student, International Economics

Matilda, Student, New Media Design

Matthew, Student, International Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Meng wants to become a PhD

Monica Navarro Aranda, Former student, Product development and materials engineering

Nicole, Former Student, International Management

Niklas Lavesson, Professor of Computer Science

Patricia Alonso Muela - Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeneiros Industriales

Przemyslaw, Student, Managing in a Global Context

Report from the annual finance day in Stockholm

Ruben Dimmendaal, Former Student, Global Management

Sanna, Former Student, International Marketing

Shangqian Mao, Student, Economic Analysis

Shelbi Taylor

Steffen, Student, Strategic Entrepreneurship

Steven Vrecic - University of Windsor

Study visit at IKEA

Study visit at IKEA

Studying and working for IKEA in Bangkok makes a memorable second year for Kim

Tetiana, Student, Strategic Entrepreneurship

The best of both worlds - a perfect combination of business and engineering

Therese, Student, Marketing Management

Tomas Liljenfors, Managing Director, Bryne

Tomas Medin, Foundry Manager, Volvo Powertrain

Vasilis, Student, Economic Analysis

Weng is looking forward to working with children

Yimo, Student, New Media Design

Yuan from China wants to study International Management

Zaheer, Student, Industrial Design

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