Accommodation and Arrival

All new international students are guaranteed accommodation, provided that they apply for accommodation correctly and announce their arrival in time. The guarantee only applies to admitted students at Jönköping University. Family members are not included in the guarantee.

Bachelor and Master's Students 

Login details will be sent to degree-seeking programme students shortly after admission. The accommodation application for Fall 2019 will open March 11- May 25.  After applying, all students must announce their arrival information (in July 1-20 2019) to complete the accommodation application. Read more about the Arrival Announcement .

Exchange Students

Exchange students receive login details from the International Relations Office in order to register for courses. The same username and password should be used to apply for accommodation.

Pathway Students

The Pathway Programme has multiple intakes throughout the year. The application process for accommodation is different than it is for programme students, since accommodation is mostly organized on Campus Gränna and is usually included in the fees. Our Accommodation Office will advise you further after admission. Note! The pick up service for Pathway students will operate  August 24-25.

Visual Effects (Eksjö students) 

The programme Visual Effects have one intake a year and the application process for accommodation is the same for the Bachelor and Master's Students.
The accommodation is located in Eksjö where the programme is based, read more here. The accommodation application for Autumn 2019 will open during the month of March, information will be updated.
After applying, all students must announce their arrival information (in Juli 1-20 2019) to complete the accommodation application. Read more about the Arrival Announcement.

JU offers a variety of accommodation options to our international students.

Arrival, Pick-up service, and everything you need to know about getting to Jönköping.

From registering your arrival, to paying your rent, we've gathered all the most important housing related information here.


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