Housing Options

The Accommodation Office cooperates with many different landlords around Jönköping to offer a variety of accommodations to our international students.

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Since the campus is situated in the middle of the city centre, there are no housing options on campus. Instead, the student accommodations are spread throughout the city. The various housing options accommodate anywhere between 20 to 550 students.

Although there is no guarantee that you will receive one of your 3 housing options, it is very important that you fill in as much information as possible in your application, and also consider which of the housing alternatives would suit you best. 

Apartments and dorms


126 places

16-30 m²

Autumn semester: 27500 - 34500 SEK

Spring semester: 33000 - 41400 SEK

1 km to campus


63 places

10-14 m²

Autumn semester: 26500 - 28250 SEK

Spring semester: 31800 - 33900 SEK

0.4 km to campus


72 places

27 m²

Autumn semester:  17750-25250 SEK

Spring semester: 21300-30300 SEK

1.5 km to campus

45 places

8-11 m²

Autumn semester:
23750 SEK

Spring semester:
28500 SEK

1.6 km to campus

48 places

30 m²

3000 SEK

3 km to campus

350 places

18 m²

4200 SEK

4.5 km to campus

570 places

14-20 m²

2600-3400 SEK

7 km to campus

20 places

12 - 21 m²

3500 SEK

15 km to campus

35 places

9 - 15 m²

Autumn semester: 
21500 SEK

Spring semester:
25800 SEK

0.5 km to campus

52 places

10 - 27 m²

3000 - 3200 SEK

1 km to campus

What's included?


Not included

Bed (90x210cm), duvet, pillow

A one time charge of 300 SEK is added on the first rent in most accommodation for the provision of a duvet and a pillow.

Bed sheet, towels


Cleaning service

Access to kitchen and laundry room

Meals (Except for Pathway students)

Electricity, water and internet connection

Basic kitchen equipment in some accommodations


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